Fire: The Salamander Lord (Dangerous Beasts Book 1)

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dangerous beasts

Fire: The Salamander Lord (Dangerous Beasts Book 1)

by Therése von Willegen

I just finished re-reading Fire: The Salamander Lord (Dangerous Beasts Book 1) by Therése von Willegen for the third time, savoring it much as I would a box of Godiva Dark Chocolate Truffles – a dark, decadent treat filled with silky indulgences and my newest favorite guilty pleasure.

Ms. Von Willegen has created wonderfully compelling characters and a storyline that grabbed me within the first two pages. The setting is dark and exotic, and her power of description had me absorbed in the world she created before I even realized I had left my own. No, you’ll get no synopsis or spoilers from me – I went in with eyes wide open and discovered its erotic brilliance word by steaming word. I would have you do the same.

That being said, Enya’s character arc – thinking she knew what she wanted then allowing her heart to change her mind – is one of the best I’ve seen in a very long time. And the Salamander Lord – DAMN. Just. DAMN. I’ve read lots of books with alpha males with heat and swaggers aplenty, but none compares to this arrogant, fiery lizard. And you’re gonna love him just for that reason.

I truly enjoyed this book and am hoping against hope that “Book 1” means a Book 2 is in the works…and coming out really soon.

Help Save a US Marine’s Life

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I don’t often ask for favors, but this time I’m calling one in….this is a story of one of our proud US Marines that NEEDS to be heard. Please read – donate if you can, share and repost to your timeline if you can’t. Let’s make this go viral!

Help Save a US Marine’s Life

Crooked Fang – Spotlight on Carrie Clevenger (and Xan)!

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From the Fantastic Carrie Clevenger – check out these titles:


Xan Marcelles–bassist for Crooked Fang, vampire and full-time asshole, is content with his quiet existence in the backwoods of Pinecliffe, Colorado. But life at the Pale Rider tavern is set to become a little more complicated when he gets entangled with a feisty, blue-haired damsel and her abusive soon-to-be ex boyfriend.

To add to his woes, he’s gone from hunter to hunted, and his past returns to haunt him when a phone call draws him back to New Mexico. With the help of friends from his living past, he must get to the bottom of murder, and figure out where he stands with his lover and his band, all while keeping one step ahead of his enemies. Hiding won’t be easy for him, especially with a mysterious woman dogging him every step of the way.
Vampire Xan Marcelles and his band, Crooked Fang, have been sitting idle for almost two months when Xan’s given a job offer he can’t refuse. Only it is not a music gig — it’s a multiple hit in a Texas town called Bartlett. Given no details except six names and a location, Xan hits the road. He’s always worked alone at this sort of job, but now there’s no way but to have Nin riding shotgun. Can Xan take out his marks and keep Nin out of trouble or have the years out of circulation blunted his edge?
About the Author:

Carrie Clevenger landed in the urban fantasy genre when she couldn’t decide between horror and humor. When not writing she enjoys listening to music, hanging out with musicians, attending local venues, catching her favorite bands on tour, and obsessing over The Next Big Album release. Carrie resides in Austin, Texas.

See more of Carrie’s work on MINDSPEAK


Unlocking the Mystery is FREE Sept 25/26

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From the sexy and sublime Eden Baylee –

Unlocking the Mystery is FREE Sept 25/26.

On Dawn’s Bright Talons – Spotlight on Nerine Dorman

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Dawn's Bright Talons sml

On Dawn’s Bright Talons … A guest post by Nerine Dorman

I’d been itching to write a full-length fantasy novel for quite some time and, in fact, Dawn’s Bright Talons wasn’t my first. But we won’t discuss my first effort in writing full-on fantasy as it certainly will never see the light of day – for various reasons.

Usually I write urban fantasy, but I wanted to play in a world completely of my own devising for a change – so that is how the city of Ysul and all its multi-hued inhabitants came into being.

Essentially, I leaned heavily on Victorian society and transplanted this in into a sweltering, subtropical colonial setting. One of my readers neatly summed the story up as “vampires by gaslight”.

If I have to pinpoint one of my favourite scenes in this setting, it’s the one where my main character, Isabeau, who’s a dancer, attends a music concert. She and her friend attract the musicians’ attention, and they are hauled up on stage for an impromptu performance. I purposefully wanted to show a city with a vibrant nightlife, where young people have the space and inclination to dress up and celebrate life and art.

Part of what I really enjoyed (and always enjoy when I’m writing) is to populate my world with fascinating characters. Although Isabeau and Michel are very near and dear to my heart, I have a huge, squishy soft spot for the roguish Amaya, a rather charming and delightfully manipulative master thief and vampire. His irreverence keeps the others unbalanced. While I adore Isabeau – she is braver than she thinks she is – I do admit to having more of the feels for Michel. he is a reluctant vampire, who’s trying to do the best considering his condition, and his circumstances as a bit of a social pariah. He’d rather run his theatre than get involved in murky, undead politics.

As for why I’ve written vampires (yet) again, I’m of a mind that what matters is not so much the species of supernatural creature – be they elves, angels, zombies or vampires – but what you, as a writer, do with them. My focus is on vampires as individuals, with concerns other than the ones done to death in popular media.

Michel and Isabeau find themselves game pieces in ages-old conflict. In a sense, theirs is a coming-of-age story, as my characters fight to establish themselves outside their elders’ sphere of influence. Theirs is also a tale of an unexpected alliance and a growing realisation of friendship that transcends traditional boundaries.

Dawn’s Bright Talons has had a journey that has been years in the making. After languishing on editors’ desks for many moons, the manuscript was eventually snatched up by David Niall Wilson of Crossroad Press. He has helped shape the story while still allowing me such liberties as employing the rather talented Nathalia Suellen to do my cover illustration.

So, before you ask, yes, there will be a follow-up. I can let slip that I’ll be introducing a third viewpoint character and book two will (mostly) be his story. There are often big gaps between my follow-up novels, precisely because I wait for my imagination to deliver that spark of inspiration.

For the idly curious, if you’ve read and enjoyed Dawn’s Bright Talons, you might want to pick up my recently released The Guardian’s Wyrd – a YA fantasy that should appeal to any of you who ever climbed into wardrobes when you were little. I also have a collection of short stories out, which has gathered some of my yarns that may have slipped through the cracks over the years.

If you’d like to keep in touch, I send out reasonably regular updates via my newsletter ( and am also relatively chatty on Twitter @nerinedorman

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Behold the Bean! – Spotlight on Janet Boyer

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Behold the Power of the Bean!

coffee cup

Welcome to the latest deck created by the husband/wife team of Ron and Janet Boyer! The Bean is our version of The Fool, and we’re excited to share the first card on our exciting new journey. Click on the thumbnails below to see the cards as they’re completed. Also, feel free to “like” our Coffee Tarot Facebook page!

The discovery of coffee was, in its way, as important as the invention of the telescope or of the microscope. For coffee has unexpectedly intensified and modified the capacities and activities of the human brain. — Heinrich Eduard Jacob

We’re thrilled to invite you to own our Limited Edition Coffee Tarot! This special package is limited to ONLY 50 copies and includes:

  • Unique card backing (a spread of roasted coffee beans, fully reversible).
  • TWO Moon cards (JAVA Astronaut + Hey, Diddle Diddle).
  • 24 cards (22 Major Arcana, an extra Moon card + a  signed and numbered title card).
  • Specially designed title card, numbered and signed by both Ron and Janet Boyer.
  • Lovely bag, hand-sewn by our local seamstress with antique bronze cafe a lait the Fall–around September 30, 2014 (in time for Samhain, Halloween, Yule, Christmas and Hannukah).
  • We expect the deck, bag and other goodies to be ready

Check out these sneak peaks!

coffee 1coffee2

Limited edition – get yours here!

STRANGER AT SUNSET is in the spotlight for @ThePenMuse

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Featuring the Fabulous Eden Baylee!

STRANGER AT SUNSET is in the spotlight for @ThePenMuse.

Thinking Magically™ | What Everybody Ought to Know About Kindness . . .

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Wonderful article – a good reminder that we are stronger than we think!


There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies.
My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness.
– Dalai Lama


Occasionally, the unimaginable happens.

On Saturday, August 2, our daughter, Jordan, had the wedding of her dreams. On Sunday — at the start of her mini-honeymoon — she and her new husband learned of emergency weather conditions that were threatening their new family home. Their happy celebration of Life ended as they rushed back to their dogs and their home. What was supposed to be the start of an amazing, red-hot life became a nightmare. An unforgiving mudslide had attacked their home, killing both of their dogs, and inundating their yard and back of their house with debris, boulders, and water-soaked mud.

But it got worse . . .

The kids had to undergo the added hurt…

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Music Monday ~ I Feel Good dedicated to @RobinWilliams

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R.I.P. Robin. You’ll be missed 🙂

In the first film I ever saw starring Robin Williams, his mission was to build morale. His strategy? To keep them laughing.

The film was Good Morning Vietnam.

I watched it again this past week and cried … and laughed—hard.

Thank you Robin Williams, for making us laugh and feel good for so long.

Here’s the classic “I Feel Good” by James Brown.


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Racing The Hunter’s Moon – Spotlight on Sally Clements

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Racing the Hunter’s Moon9781633750548_500

(An Under the Hood novella)

Sally Clements

Blurb: Pretending to be a couple may drive them crazy.

Feisty mechanic Betty Smith should have only one thing on her mind—catching the conman who swindled her mother. Not the sexy stranger who kissed her then completely disappeared.

Undercover FBI agent Joe Carter needs to focus on the bad guy who got away, not the gorgeous headstrong brunette who watches too many cop shows and keeps interfering in his case. Unfortunately, catching their prey before he skips town means working together.

But while entering the vintage car rally as a couple seemed like a good idea at the time, faking feelings for each other turns out to be the easiest part. Neither one can allow anything to get in their way, but staying away from each other is impossible. They both know, though, once their plan is complete, so is their time together.

Authors Bio: Sally Clements writes fun, sexy and real contemporary romance, Sally Clements 2partnering hot heroes with heroines who know what they want, and go for it!

She is a full-time author, who lives in the Irish countryside, and when she isn’t writing can usually be found in traffic, driving ‘Mum’s taxi’.

Always a voracious reader, she considers writing for a living the perfect job—the only downside is saying goodbye to her characters at book’s end!


Fun, Sexy, Real Romance!
Website * Twitter * Facebook * Goodreads * Newsletter

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Betty’s heart pounded hard enough to burst. She swung around, and her startled gaze shot to the man who filled the doorway. A man with midnight-blue eyes.


Her hand fluttered at her throat. What on earth was the stranger from this morning doing here? Had he followed her?

You’re Betty?” His eyes scanned her face with an I-don’t-believe-it look. He took a step forward, then another.

Everything in Betty rioted with the urge to escape. She eyed the doorway behind him and edged farther behind the table, putting solid pine between them. Her mouth was so dry it was as if she’d spent days crawling through the desert. He knows my name. She swallowed. “What are you doing here?”

“Calm down.” As if realizing her agitation, he stopped. Held up his hands palms-out. “I’m Joe Carter.”

You’re Joe Carter?”

“Is there an echo in here?” His hands lowered to his sides. The tension seemed to leave his shoulders and the corners of his mouth lifted in a smile.

Smoothing a hand over her hair, she glanced down at the table. A funny, fluttery feeling on seeing that smile replaced the panic she’d felt moments earlier. Unwanted awareness of him chased the tension from her body and filled it with warmth.

She rubbed the ache blooming at her temple. “Very funny.” To her annoyance, her words came out husky-soft, rather than sarcasm-laced. “I’ve been waiting here for almost two hours for a carpenter to show up, and now you? If you’re Joe, what were you doing grabbing me this morning?”

He avoided the question and looked past her at the open freezer door. “Looks like you were keeping yourself busy. Raiding the freezer, were you?”

Huh. “I was hungry. Someone kept me waiting.” The only reason she would ever break into someone else’s freezer was under desperate circumstances. “What are you, carpenter or…”

“It’s complicated.” He smiled, and once again attraction grabbed her insides with both hands and twisted. “But I have got a job to do this evening before we talk. I’m hungry too.” A black eyebrow arched. “Maybe you and I could have dinner after I’ve assembled the bed?”

Faded jeans rode low on his lean hips and clung to his thighs. Above them, he wore a chunky navy sweater under a battered black leather jacket. Average, everyday clothing. But the breadth of his shoulders, the glimpse of tanned collarbone evident in the dip of the sweater’s crew neck, were far from average or everyday. She scanned down. Work boots. Big work boots. Big feet, big… Cutting that thought off at the pass, Betty’s gaze shot up to collide with his.

Amusement danced in his eyes. “Well? Like what you see?”

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