On the Subject of Self-Editing

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This is a most excellent article by the Truly Fab Eden Baylee!

I am a writer and a reader. On occasion, I am a reviewer, but one thing I can never be is an editor of my own work. Given that, I’d like to speak about self-editing, the important process I do before I hand off my manuscript to a professional editor.

Even if you are an indie writer who does not use a professional editor for whatever reason, I hope the following information will be helpful for you.


Many writers hire two types of editors, and the same person can be both in some cases.

Content Editor – looks at the big picture: plot, characterization, voice, and setting.

Copy Editor – specializes in grammar, punctuation, fact-checking, spelling, and formatting.

The reason I self-edit is to provide my editor with the best possible draft of my work, free of: typos; grammatical errors; plot holes; etc., but I know that even with the…

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Thinking Magically™ | How to Have Made-to-Order Magic in No Time

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Wonderful post – please read:

SCOTT GROSSBERG thinkingmagically.com

The crucial discovery was made that,
in order to become painting,
the universe seen by the artist had to
become a private one created by himself.
– Andre Malraux

I’ve always loved the word bespoke. It’s the British term for “made to order.” When you have something that is custom-made it is bespoke. The word literally means “to speak for something.” Another way of saying this might be reflected in a passage from Matthew — “ask and it shall be given to you.”

Now imagine that word applied to the world of magic.

Tailor-made magic matters

Bespoke magic!

Would you have it any other way? You don’t want your uniqueness to be reduced to what is common or off-the-shelf.

How your magic is interpreted, accepted, and recognized by . . . you . . . are perhaps the most influential parts of…

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Good, simple, filling 🙂

Outlandish Recipes

A frequent breakfast for most people in Scotland is porridge (parritch, oatmeal). This dish hasn’t changed much in the years since it’s arrival in human diet. Today, you can add flavours and seasonings to your porridge, but here is the basic recipe as eaten by most of the Scotsmen in the Outlander novels.

Scottish Parritch

One pint (half litre) water or milk
2.5 ounces (2.5 rounded tablespoons) medium-ground oats
Pinch of salt

Bring the water to a rolling boil. Slowly pour in the oatmeal, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon (in a clockwise manner). Keep stirring until the mixture begins to boil and reduce the heat, cover the pan and simmer very gently for 15 minutes, stirring frequently. Add the salt and simmer and stir for a further 5-10 minutes. It should be a thick but pourable consistency. (Serve in wooden bowls with double cream

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Fire: The Salamander Lord (Dangerous Beasts Book 1)

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dangerous beasts

Fire: The Salamander Lord (Dangerous Beasts Book 1)

by Therése von Willegen

I just finished re-reading Fire: The Salamander Lord (Dangerous Beasts Book 1) by Therése von Willegen for the third time, savoring it much as I would a box of Godiva Dark Chocolate Truffles – a dark, decadent treat filled with silky indulgences and my newest favorite guilty pleasure.

Ms. Von Willegen has created wonderfully compelling characters and a storyline that grabbed me within the first two pages. The setting is dark and exotic, and her power of description had me absorbed in the world she created before I even realized I had left my own. No, you’ll get no synopsis or spoilers from me – I went in with eyes wide open and discovered its erotic brilliance word by steaming word. I would have you do the same.

That being said, Enya’s character arc – thinking she knew what she wanted then allowing her heart to change her mind – is one of the best I’ve seen in a very long time. And the Salamander Lord – DAMN. Just. DAMN. I’ve read lots of books with alpha males with heat and swaggers aplenty, but none compares to this arrogant, fiery lizard. And you’re gonna love him just for that reason.

I truly enjoyed this book and am hoping against hope that “Book 1” means a Book 2 is in the works…and coming out really soon.

Help Save a US Marine’s Life

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I don’t often ask for favors, but this time I’m calling one in….this is a story of one of our proud US Marines that NEEDS to be heard. Please read – donate if you can, share and repost to your timeline if you can’t. Let’s make this go viral!

Help Save a US Marine’s Life

Crooked Fang – Spotlight on Carrie Clevenger (and Xan)!

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From the Fantastic Carrie Clevenger – check out these titles:


Xan Marcelles–bassist for Crooked Fang, vampire and full-time asshole, is content with his quiet existence in the backwoods of Pinecliffe, Colorado. But life at the Pale Rider tavern is set to become a little more complicated when he gets entangled with a feisty, blue-haired damsel and her abusive soon-to-be ex boyfriend.

To add to his woes, he’s gone from hunter to hunted, and his past returns to haunt him when a phone call draws him back to New Mexico. With the help of friends from his living past, he must get to the bottom of murder, and figure out where he stands with his lover and his band, all while keeping one step ahead of his enemies. Hiding won’t be easy for him, especially with a mysterious woman dogging him every step of the way.
Vampire Xan Marcelles and his band, Crooked Fang, have been sitting idle for almost two months when Xan’s given a job offer he can’t refuse. Only it is not a music gig — it’s a multiple hit in a Texas town called Bartlett. Given no details except six names and a location, Xan hits the road. He’s always worked alone at this sort of job, but now there’s no way but to have Nin riding shotgun. Can Xan take out his marks and keep Nin out of trouble or have the years out of circulation blunted his edge?
About the Author:

Carrie Clevenger landed in the urban fantasy genre when she couldn’t decide between horror and humor. When not writing she enjoys listening to music, hanging out with musicians, attending local venues, catching her favorite bands on tour, and obsessing over The Next Big Album release. Carrie resides in Austin, Texas.

See more of Carrie’s work on MINDSPEAK

Contact: crookedfang@gmail.com

Unlocking the Mystery is FREE Sept 25/26

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From the sexy and sublime Eden Baylee –

Unlocking the Mystery is FREE Sept 25/26.