Secrets in Time – Spotlight on Erin Pryor

Secrets in Time eBook Cover - Copy

How many years have you been writing and how did you get started?

I began my writing journey about six years ago. The writing bug hit me when I was about twenty-three, but I didn’t start writing until I was twenty-six. When I was in my early twenties, I had read so many books and loved the adventures that they took me on. I figured I should try my hand. I can’t tell you how many times I started a story, but only ever got one paragraph into it when I psyched myself out. I whole-heartedly believed that since I’d never been to college, that I could never be a writer.

Fast forward three years later, I don’t know how I stumbled across it, but I began to read fan fiction. I’d come across some great stories, mediocre ones, an others that were so horrible I couldn’t read more than a few paragraphs. They inspired me to write my own FanFiction. If you ask, maybe I’ll tell you. LoL. I’m honestly embarrassed by it, but I’m not going to lie to make it sound like I started writing and viola, I was published.

So, I started writing my first piece. A couple of chapters into it, somebody wrote the most horrific review, slamming my writing. I remember being so upset by it that I swore I’d never write again, and shut my laptop. At that time, I didn’t tell my husband what I was doing because I didn’t want him to laugh at me. So, I carried the burden of somebody ripping apart my first work on my own shoulders.

Then, a miracle happened. I don’t know how, but all I know is somebody/something whispered across my soul to prove that person “wrong”. The next month or so, I worked hard on my craft and openly took criticism. If you knew me, you’d know that it was an impossible task. I’m bipolar and do NOT do well with criticism. But, for some reason, I LOVE it when people tear my stuff apart, and point out where I went wrong. I obviously work through the criticism and decipher what’s the best constructive criticism to listen to.

I then joined the local chapter of the RWA and made some amazing friends, and learned some awesome techniques to refine my craft. The membership is worth its weight in gold.

I ended up ditching my first novel and began on another one. A couple of years went by and I finished the second book. While I was at an RWA convention of types, I was drinking in the bar with some friends. Then, the president of the OCC RWA chapter came up to me with another woman saying, “Heather, this is Erin. Erin, this is Heather. She’s a publisher, pitch her your book.” LoL. I guess the vodka loosened my tongue because she asked me to send her the manuscript.

A month later, I got an email asking me to sign a contract! I was beyond stoked. All of my hard work and listening to others paid off. As far as the first book I wrote, I trashed it about three months ago. It was complete garbage!! Haha. Since it was my “baby”, it took me a few years to figure this out.

I started out writing FanFiction for fun. Then, I began writing my own story to see where it’d go, then to show my kids that you can do whatever you put your mind to, and lastly, I realized I could actually make money doing something I loved. It look a LOT of persistence and listening to a vast array of people. But, I did it! Within three years of starting my writing journey, I became published!

Why Scotland and why Time Travel?

I’ve started the answer to this question a few times, deleted, and started over again. Haha. There are so many reasons why I chose Scotland. To be honest, I’m in love with Ireland. Everything Ireland. It was a condition of my marriage 14 years ago that my husband takes me to Ireland some time in our lives. I still haven’t gone yet, but I look forward to the adventure. But listen to me, I’m getting off topic.

I first fell in love with Scotland, I think, when I saw Braveheart for the first time. I watched it so many times as a teenager that I memorized all of the lines (the only other movies I’ve done that with was the Star Wars 4, 5, 6 movies…haha, yes, I’m a nerd), and I even got good at my Scottish accent. Haha. I think Mel Gibson’s portrayal of William Wallace was so powerful. The movie felt ethereal in a way that connected me to Scotland forever. To see the passion of a man in love of his homeland etched the mystical country in my heart and soul forever. Just like Ireland, but in a different way.

Now, the condition of my marriage is we go to Ireland AND Scotland. Haha. There is something about the majestic wild beauty of Scotland that calls to me like a Siren of the Sea. Ireland, to me, is a beautiful place filled with wonder. Scotland is wild, untamed, and unruly, like my heart. I identify with the country in a way that is difficult for me to explain. I feel deep down that if I were ever to go, that it would “complete” me in a way, that it would calm my ever stormy heart. I even know that if I live there for more than 5 years, that I could never donate blood again in the US. LoL. Yeah, pretty weird fact. I don’t know the reason, I just know that it’s how it is.

Now, as far as time travel is concerned – since I feel connected to Scotland, I also feel connected to the medieval period. I’m more than fascinated by it. I held a bible in my hands from the 16th century about three months ago and cried just because it connected me to the past. I feel as though as I’ve been born in the wrong time period. Weird, I know, but it’s the truth. NOW, in knowing all of the horrible things that happened back then, I’m glad I wasn’t. Let’s just say if I could take a week-long trip to medieval Scotland I would do anything to go!! Haha.

When I was a teenager, I picked up my first book by Lynn Kurland. She specializes in Time Travel. Her books are what inspired me to put thought to paper, and live my fantasies in a book of my creation. I love imagining “what if” and how the characters would react given being planted in another century, in a place where English today wasn’t English then. How would the character adapt and grow as an individual? What would their thoughts, actions, and reactions be? It’s so much fun imagining all of this, and creating scenes for the reader to identify with the character’s.

Time Travel is difficult to write in the fact that you have to decide on whether or not it’s a “fluke” of an area that the character “poofed” back in time, a faery ring, or a certain place. In my first book, Pillars in Time, I first introduce the object in the form of a bench. In the sequel, Secrets in Time, that bench is what’s used again. Currently I am planning out a twenty book series, and I am challenged to really figure out something more complex that the reader can identify with. I want to make sure that whatever I decide on it’s “plausible” for an “implausible” book. LoL


Secrets in Time:

Her best friend found love in the fourteenth century, but Jessica lost hope in finding it in either the past or her time, until a trip back to the wilds of Scotland opened her eyes to what lay in front of her.  Jessica Fisher is staying in style as a guest of one of the most eligible bachelors of Scotland. She’s the only one who knows he’s actually from the 14th century. When she finds out her friend Cadence’s family is in peril back in the 14th century, Jessica will do anything to get back and ensure her friend has her happily ever after.  Collin Kincaid, six years into his stay in the 21st century, found an architect to draft plans for the renovation of his 14th century ancestral home. He never thought the lead architect would fall in love with his twin brother in the 14th century. His new sister-in-law’s friend, and business partner, Jessica stays on to see the restoration completed. He’s not prepared for the huge pull he feels from her. When she puts her foot down to go back and rescue his twin brother and new sister-in-law from a fate worse than death, his chivalry won’t let her go alone, no matter how much he is torn about changing the past.  Together, they go back in time to try and save Nicholas and Cadence’s future family from peril only to be caught up in a web of treachery themselves. Will they be able to save their friends without putting the future, or their own hearts, in jeopardy? – ebook – paperback


~ by Shannon MacLeod on August 2, 2014.

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