Only a dream…or perhaps a memory…

From The Celtic Knot: Suit of Cups

Lily was dreaming, she knew. She stood upon the bow of a great wooden ship, heading out to sea. The oars creaked, stroking together to propel them forward. The dragon bobbed up and down as large waves battered the ship, but she was not afraid. She was happy, wrapped from head to toe in furs and warm in spite of the frigid temperature. Her long unbound hair whipped around her face, her tresses a rich crimson.

Sensing the presence behind her, she smiled when two strong arms encircled her. “You’ll freeze to your death up here.” The words spoken weren’t English, but she understood them all the same.

“I love the sea, I love its wildness,” she said.

“As I love you,” he murmured in her ear in his deep voice.

She turned in his arms to look up at him, this massive fur clad man, her man, dark and fierce with his long hair in thick braids. The handsome face was unfamiliar, but his eyes were Ian’s eyes… “I know you,” she whispered, and fell back into darkness.

* * * *

Ian lay awake watching her sleep and after a long time closed his eyes and slept,

dreaming of the open sea and long red curls held aloft by the swirling North Sea winds.

…I know you…


~ by Shannon MacLeod on January 17, 2013.

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