Mermaids and Vikings

This past Saturday I spent several delightful hours at the RWA Sunshine State Romance Authors meeting. A guest of the Mermaids, I was honored to meet authors Loretta C. Rogers and Dylan Newton among the attendees – they made me feel so welcome!

Getting to the lovely town of Homosassa was quite the adventure. I decided, after having looked at the map and seeing only a few jogs in the “here to there” line, to forgo using the GPS and just use a map, confident in my navigational abilities.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

After two wrong turns and having to stop and ask at a convenience store – the man inside assured me it was only “up the road a piece, over that ways yonder” followed by the dreaded words “you can’t miss it” – I managed to arrive at the library only a few minutes late.

I turned on the GPS as I left and after several dubious turns (I heard the droll “recalculating” more than usual this trip) made it back to the interstate and the hotel in much better time than the first go around.

And in my next post, I’ll tell you all about the adventure with the Viking on I-95. *snickers*

Until then,






~ by Shannon MacLeod on May 2, 2012.

2 Responses to “Mermaids and Vikings”

  1. Hi Shannon.
    I grew up in the “Sunshine State” and am very familiar with the area you were in. You should have seen that area when I was growing up, it was very rural. U.S. 19 was the major road and there were few others. There is a great deal of history in that area a lot to write about. Good luck to you and hope you enjoy the area.
    I now in N. C. where there is also a great deal to discover. For a look at a story I took away from Florida (one of many coming) check out my blog at and the release of Atlantis Vortex featured on my blog.
    Enjoyed your post
    Sultry Summers –

  2. OH and one other thing, Mac Leod is the same Scottish clan name on my father’s side. At the Scottish festive last year I found out it is also the Clan name of my husband. Large Clan.

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