Aggravation Comes on Little Cat Feet

I’m a tolerant person. Really I am. In spite of my Gael heritage, it takes a lot to piss me off.

Lafayette, we have arrived.

The current bane of my existence is a small white cat with a calico mask and under any other circumstances pretty multicolored patches on her back. Right now this fur bearing rodent is clinging to my screened window and yowling obscenities at my own cats, who have begun to resemble black bristle brushes. From them I’m getting lots of “fix this” glares, sniffs of disdain at my complete inadequacy in dealing with the marauder, and baleful looks of betrayal. Oi.

The malicious varmint goes from window to window, hurling its wee body at the screen with a thud and shrieking at the top of its formidable lungs. I’ve gone out on several occasions to drive it off with a broom, but only smacked the bushes with it. It is, after all, not the cat’s fault. I place blame solely on her owner who lives in the next building over. *Bob Barker moment* If you love your cats, have them spayed or neutered and keep them inside. The person they pester might not be nearly as tolerant.

 Messages and complaints have been sent to the owner and subsequently ignored. Animal control won’t come out unless the cat is a danger to something other than my sanity. Sighing, I put out mothballs under the windows, only to discover the mulch was refreshed with pine chips the day after. Anyway, smells exceedingly fresh out there.

Anybody got tips on how to deal (humanely) with anger management issues in felines?  >’.'<


~ by Shannon MacLeod on January 11, 2012.

4 Responses to “Aggravation Comes on Little Cat Feet”

  1. gahh I know nothing about felines so sorry, no wee tips to pass on ..I just know the call o the wild is powerful, my dog was missing for hours one day before he got *fixed* following a scent left by a lady dog ( being polite here ) walked by her owner while in season ! it is the fault of the owner and sadly very common , some will spend the money on the dog/cat but not on the future maintenance and care , good luck with the bristle brushes , bless them 🙂

  2. put catnip out there. at least it would be quieter.

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