Bears and Writing

It’s been a strange couple of weeks – I’ve switched projects, going back to bang out the few last dings in The Celtic Knot: Suit of Cups. That’s been fun so far, like visiting with old friends. You always fall in love with your first hero, I’ve heard it said. I fall in love with all of mine. *swoons* 

On the move front, I’ve almost – almost – got my home office the way I want it. Still need to hang some more shelves, maybe level the ones I’ve already hung. One has been appropriated for feline use; anything placed on said shelf feels the immediate effects of gravity. I have neighbors upstairs now, but haven’t been up to say hello yet. From the thumps, bangs, squeaking ceiling and low pitched growls, I believe the new tenants are polar bears.
I’ve been asked by two different people over the last few days what writers influence me. The short answer is “the bad ones.” The longer answer is a bit more complicated…
I love bad writers. Really. I learn so much from reading a passage, then reworking it to something that flows better. I’m also a sucker for really bad prose (think: quivering alabaster loins and heaving pleasure mounds). I keep a notebook handy whenever I’m reading or listening to a book, ready to jot down a clever turn of phrase or word that catches my fancy. It comes in handy, sort of like a writing prompt whenever I get stuck.
That being said, I love the good writers more. There’s nothing like curling up with treasures such as Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series, Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander or Fever series. A confirmed snark-a-holic, I love G.A. Aiken’s smokin’ dragons and sexy shapeshifters from Shelly Laurenston. For classic historical and regency, there is Virginia Henley – just pick one, I’ve read ’em all. Stephen King, of course….Anne Rice….Marion Zimmer Bradley…J.R.R Tolkien (goes without saying, methinks)…Piers Anthony…Diana Wynn Jones…Lynsay Sands…Shayla Black…Sherrilyn Kenyon’s tormented Dark Hunters…Charlaine Harris…the list goes on.
I’m always delighted to discover new (to me) writers – I’m currently reading Jacqueline Carey’s Sundering series, Rats and Gargoyles by Mary Gentle and The Hero Always Wins by Robert Eaton.
If you’re not on Twitter (and if that’s the case, then WHY THE HELL NOT?) you might want to check out these amazing writers:
Carrie Clevenger @CarrieClevenger

Nerine Dorman @nerinedorman

Robert Eaton @heroalwayswins
Eden Baylee @edenbaylee

J.C. Fiske @GisboFalcon
Amos Keppler @HoodedMan
George Pappas @GPWriter

There’s many more – Twitter’s thick with writers, poets and artists of all kinds, just begging to be followed. Get to it.

 The bears seem to have settled in for the evening so I’m going to take advantage of the momentary calm to get some work done. And if any of them look like Bo Novikov from Shelly Laurenston’s Beast Behaving Badly, I’ll be the first to welcome them to the neighborhood.  🙂




~ by Shannon MacLeod on October 28, 2011.

8 Responses to “Bears and Writing”

  1. Shannon, what a wonderful honor to be included in your list. I am humbled to say the least.

    Thank you so much. Greatly appreciate your kind words and support.


  2. It brought a big smile to my face :):):)

  3. bad writers always inspire me I know i can do better

  4. stave
    Hi, can I use your post on my website with a linkback?

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