The sun sets on an endless day

Spent dreaming in breathless anticipation

Shadows grow long, longer still

Swallowing the last vestiges of light

The wind swirls around me as I wake from dormancy

Bringing life and vivid color to wan cheeks

My senses sharpening, my hunger is roused   

And I take flight

Run with me, my beloved

Follow me through darkened woods

Our footfalls a sensual heartbeat on the wind

Dance with me in open fields

Drunk on moonlight and the mysteries of night come alive

Enraptured by the warm silk of skin on skin

Overcome by ancient lust, that primal instinct

Driven by the need to take and be taken

To give and be given

And with the first rays of dawn we shall retreat

Back into civilized lives and normalcy.

But come the night we shall meet again

I will run and you will give chase

Locked in the timeless dance.



~ by Shannon MacLeod on October 7, 2011.

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