Don the robe, take up the tools

Your Sword, My Chalice

Your Wand, my Pentacle

Walk the circle and call the corners

Work your magick

Make me your Elemental

Let me be Paralda – your Air

Filling your lungs with joy, breathing life back into your battered soul

Weaving cries of ecstasy with sighs of contentment

Let me be Djinn – your Fire

Stoking your passions until we are burned to ashes in the deliberate flames

Only to rise again as the phoenix and begin anew

Let me be Nixsa – your Water

Rocking you gently upon rolling waves, challenging your mind with changing tides

Flooding your senses with tsunamis of desire

Let me be Ghob, your Earth

Keeping you grounded, centered, surrounding you with peace and dreams

Manifesting a shelter for your heart against the storms

A master of elements, I

yet to exist without true balance is not to exist at all.

No light without dark

No day without night

No me without you.

Say the words that call me into being.

Invoke me.


~ by Shannon MacLeod on September 30, 2011.

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