So it’s been a few days since my last posting. Still editing away on the current work in progress, the sequel to The Celtic Knot: Suit of Cups. Finishing up on the second draft, turning up the heat on some of the naughtier bits – I’m hoping the final draft will be just a quick spit and polish before coloring it done. I’ve started on the outline for the next installment already, and I’m eager to get started on what is sure to be a wild ride. Writing a bit of poetry too, but I’m not quite ready to post it yet. I cringe when I read it, these angst ridden musings of a tortured soul. Seems I’m working out some inner demons or some other such dramatic shit – either way, I’m not ready to share. So there. It’ll be soon, just chill.

I’m still trying to find where I put things when I unpacked after the move. It’s really funny – I’m a huge packrat (having descended from a long, illustrious line of acquisitive rodents), saving every clipping, newspaper article and greeting card sent to me over the years. In an earlier post I talked about what a lightening feeling (literally) it is to get rid of useless stuff like that. Some of the cards are from people I no longer know, some from people I don’t remember. My new mantra has become “Why was I saving this……what purpose does it serve…..” and my personal favorite “What the hell was I thinking?” (Helpful hint: now is the time to buy stock in Glad garbage bags)

Still can’t sleep longer than an hour or two at a time, but hey – sleep, like sex, is something we take for granted. That is, unless you’re not getting any – then it becomes an all-consuming obsession. I stand looking at the sleep aids in the grocery store with something akin to lust, reading their sexy come ons, eager to believe their labels. “It’s late – are you still searching?” is probably my favorite. Nothing much is working though, in spite of their promises. I’m adjusting, hoping this phase will pass. In the meantime, I carry eye drops and wear shades. A lot.

Also – someone sent me an email asking me about “The MacLeod”. Here’s where that came from: My grandfather’s Scot family (MacLeod, Norris, Vaught and Lewis, respectively) hails from the Isle of Lewis. From the somewhat sparse genealogy I’ve read, at some point during the Highland Clearances my ancestral family moved to Kilkenny, Ireland. There the lads of Clan MacLeod, et. al. hooked up and got busy with the lasses of the MacLamb/McLamb family. Worked out well for them, and the happy couples migrated to the US. My personal clan has exactly two members (not counting the livestock) and being as I’m the tallest, I’ve named myself Chief. Hence, The MacLeod. It’s good to be Laird, even if my domain is very, very small. 🙂


~ by Shannon MacLeod on September 16, 2011.

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