For What It’s Worth

Slowly drifting pain-swept minds

leave the ground with tumbling mirth

Alone I stand no light to find

and search my soul for what it’s worth.


Yea I walk and sleep the night

no song escapes his earth

A crying multitude does sigh

I’ve searched my soul, for what it’s worth.


Yet still no message from the sky

Unanswered prayers to fear give birth

I turn to leave yet know that I

have searched my soul for what it’s worth.


And what of him I could not find

Does he my life shed of its dirt

In passing now I leave behind

my wretched soul…for what it’s worth.



I found this cleaning out some old papers tonight. This is not one of mine, but written by one who has passed through the veil to where the pain of cancer can no longer reach him.  

Even after all this time – Gods, how I miss you, G.


~ by Shannon MacLeod on September 10, 2011.

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