Whenever I think of you I think of


It’s not just the play of sunlight in your hair

but the way gold is hardened

against the ravages of the material world.


Is gold a conductor? It must be.

Your simple touch puts me on sensory overload

terminal velocity

critical mass

and with your caress

I catch glimpses of other worlds.


Like gold, you

need to be worn close to the heart

and not locked away in a forgotten trinket box, collecting dust.


You are pure gold – hardened to the unseeing

eye but in truth

a soft metal with a melting point too intense

to touch with mere fingers

but easy to touch with a knowing heart.


~ by Shannon MacLeod on September 2, 2011.

6 Responses to “Gold”

  1. visual and lovely imagery.

    Glad to read you.

  2. So lovely and such a vision on this

  3. This is an awesome poem and a wonderful comparison–gold – love. Beautifully said!

    My entry:

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