I hear your voice on the wind

You call to me

your pull stronger than any narcotic

I search for you in places of high magick

Climbing up to the high craggy cliffs where eagles nest

Near faery mounds and across windswept moors

My blood sings in exquisite harmony with your echoed song

Amidst the great stones, grey giants standing as silent sentries

Caravans traversing oceans of sand, watching for Orion to rise from the horizon

and waiting

 On lonely tors, walking the ley lines

Feeling the vibrations of the Mother flow through my bare feet and into my center

Through ancient forests and wooded glens

Dark cavernous jungles hiding treasure or death beneath every leaf

and I feel you there

A tropical paradise where time is measured in

sweet drops of sweat from making love under the sun.

I seek you on the open plains where the wild horses run

crossing land bridges that sink into a dark and stormy sea

Across time, across space

I need to feel your hands upon me

Touching, tasting, teasing my senses until bringing me to myself

Shadowy caves filled with faded drawings, symbols carved into rock

Messages long forgotten, words without meaning

No sound but the wind

And your quiet whisper.

I know you’re out there.

I will find you.



~ by Shannon MacLeod on August 27, 2011.

6 Responses to “Search”

  1. Great ending I will find you again

  2. This is beautiful! Love the search and the belief it will bear fruit!

    My entry:

  3. dynamic and well fine tuned word flow.

    keep it up.

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