Have mercy upon me, for

I have fallen in love with a man

possessed of a distant heart


I have crossed the barren wastelands

that once were gardens of his affection for another

to be near him.


I have fought my way through

desolate swamps and dark, dangerous jungles that scream

out of betrayal, heartaches past and hurts remembered

to take his hand in love.


I have crept across the volatile mine field laid around him

so that the pain will not visit again

just to stand by his side.


And so arriving in this journey of so long

I find his heart locked away against intrusion.


But –


I am a woman strong of heart and hope

and do not concede a war not yet fought.

Give me strength and courage

and with time

I shall tear down the battlements keeping him from me

and make his heart mine own, even as

he has captured my heart in the battle.


~ by Shannon MacLeod on August 20, 2011.

2 Responses to “Warrior”

  1. fantastic ride in your words…

    The Gooseberry Garden,

    A Place for Poets to Share and Get Inspired!

    Please feel free to submit 1 to 3 random poems to us today…

    There is a blue “add your link” button, hit it, fill in your link and name, submit, read others by clicking on names of your peers, have fun! Happy Labor Day from the U. S. A.


    Hope to see you in…

    it is a great pleasure to visit you and discover your talent, keep it up.

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