Air Conditioning Optional

It’s amazing, the things in life we take for granted. Right now, I am mourning the loss of my air conditioner. It’s hitting temperatures close to…well, pretty feckin’ hot outside and my ceiling fans are already on high. The kind man who came out on a Saturday night to pronounce it dead has assured me that he’ll be back Monday to fix it. I am thankful for two things – one, that I will not have to spend more nights moping around like I was starring in a bad survival movie and two, that the repair guy’s ass wasn’t hanging out of the top of his jeans.

I worry about shit like that, because there’s never emergency eye bleach around when you need it.

To keep me from standing in the open freezer door, I’m pressing ahead with my edits. Right now, I’m on the second draft of The Gypsy Ribbon: Suit of Wands. For those of you keeping up, it’s the sequel to The Celtic Knot: Suit of Cups. Yes, there’s a trend here. There’s an excerpt on the website if you’d like to go see – check the link to the right.

In another life, I wrote the 220+ page book for the ShadowFox Tarot under the moniker Jennifer ShadowFox (currently available from Schiffer Publishing *nudge nudge*), so I’ve got a little background in the metaphysical world.  The books that I’m writing now – one for each of the four Tarot suits –are centered around four paranormally gifted siblings in an Irish family.  As one character remarks: “Your whole family came with a little something extra in the DNA, and none of you will admit to it.”

Well, then.

There’s a lot about the Tarot in the books, past lives, a spell or two, ghosts, dream analysis and just a wee bit of astral sex. Lots of in person sex too, but hey – it IS a romance novel, and we don’t just read those for the fashion tips, right?

Speaking of which – time to close the freezer and get back to work. I can mop up the melted ice later.  😀



~ by Shannon MacLeod on July 18, 2011.

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